Firefox 3.5.17 and Firefox 3.6.14 Released for Download

Mozilla has just released the latest updates of two different versions of Firefox i-e Firefox 3.6.14 and Firefox 3.5.17. This comes right at the date promised by Mozilla last week when it said it would release the updates to its Firefox 3.5.x and 3.6.x browsers.

Google to introduce two step authentication, gives advanced sign-in security

Google has dished out a new two-factor sign-in feature which is bound to make a hacker’s life difficult. The new system allows you to use a two step verification before it lets you log on to your Google account. You have to first, type in your correct password and then insert a security code which is sent yo you via your mobile phone.

Download Internet Explorer 9 Release Candidate for Windows7 and Vista

Microsoft is expected to officially release Internet explorer 9 Release Candidate for Windows 7 shortly, but the download links for the new version of Microsoft’s own browser have already been leaked out.

Installing Freedom

That sounds just about right.

Firefox has encountered an unexpected problem with windows

Looks like its really difficult to browse with your tongue. Just saying.

This is how you really spell Egypt

This might well be the coolest thing that’s happened in Egypt since the Pyramids were made. The picture shows there love for internet, which was sadly closed down by the Egyptian government recently.

How to protect your facebook account the easy way

Scared of people trying to hack your facebook account? Here is a simple tip to keep a check on them and make your facebook account more secure.

Facebook gets secure with HTTPS support and a social photo test

With the International Data Privacy Day just a day ahead, Facebook has today announced two new features as part of its effort to make the social networking giant more secure.

Track time spent online with Chrome, Firefox and Opera addons

Its not very difficult to spend hours and hours on the internet while doing well…almost nothing. Happens all the time doesn’t it? You just cease to track the amount of time spent online while your important tasks are being neglected. Here is a list of addons/extensions for three most popular internet browsers (Chrome, Firefox and Opera) to keep a check on the amount of time you spend browsing the interweb.

19 Free Portable Web Browsers for Windows

USB sticks and portable hard drives have really been a great invention since they allow us to take our personal data anywhere, ready to be used whenever we need. One thing that always lets us down is the fact that we are not able to carry our internet browsing data that includes customized tabs, themes, bookmarks and other personalized settings. This list of potable web browsers will surely solve this problem.

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