Flipit: Charge your Gadgets via USB Cable

Flipit brings a unique gadget that allows you to charge your gadgets through USB cable from your common wall sockets. You can attach your USB charger to the plug of any other home appliance and leach the power from it to charge your device.

HTC battery saves a man’s life, stops bullet

John Garber, a valet parking guy in Australia had no clue that one day his HTC phone would go on and save him from being shot dead by a bullet. Yesterday, his HTC phone’s battery saved him by stopping a bullet. Its quite astonishing that such a delicate gadget could stop a bullet. I think it won’t be bad idea for HTC to list this feature on all their future phones, eh?

Joy stick for iPad by Ten One Designs Brings Joy for Apple users

Gaming loses its real feel without a physical control. Thanks to Ten One Design that feel is back in business with Fling , removable joystick for iPad. Simply stick the stick on the iPad and you are on.

Apple Announces iPhone Alarm Bug Fix

Recently reported iPhone alarm clock bug has plagued the news this new year. It has also been said that iPhone on iOS 4.2.1 alarm clock wont work with the arrival of 2011.

Skype update: Video Calling for iOS Devices

Skype releases its latest update version 3 for iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, and iPod Touch 4G enabling video calling on these devices. Those users using 3G will have to par a bit data cost. Requires iOS 4.0 or above.

Samsung Camcorder HMX-Q10 HD featuring Switch Grip

Samsung has released its latest digital cam HMX-Q10, Cam features company’s new “switch grip” which uses accelerometer to flip the display screen keeping harmony with which way up you are recording.

Convert Windows 7 to Mac With Snow Transformation Pack

If you have never had the taste of Mac then this transformation pack might be something that comes in handy. It provides you a hands-on experience with Mac interface by transforming your Windows 7 into Mac.

SBN Tech: launching Android IP Video Phone at Vegas

Anonymous up till now it may be but SBN tech is now attempting to stand out in the crowd at CES 2011 with its IP Video Phone. Device appears to be a standard Android Tablet though and features a 10.1-inch 1,024 x 600 screen, an SD card slot for expansion and has provides ability to use email, Twitter, Facebook and all your usual Android apps.

Meego 1.1 adds to the list of operating systems on HTC HD2

Its time for HTC HD2 to smile a little more as they have one more operating system available for use on theier smartphones. Meego 1.1 can now be used on this very hack friendly smartphone.

ARCHOS brings ARCHOS70 internet tablet 250GB version

ARCHOS has announced the first android based 250G capacity tablet in ARCHOS 70 internet tablet with a release price of $349.99. this tablet finds its self unique not only in large storage and Android 2.2 Froyo but is also the sleekest and lightest tablet in the market (7.91 x 4.49 x 0.55 inch – 14 oz).

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