19 Free Portable Web Browsers for Windows

USB sticks and portable hard drives have really been a great invention since they allow us to take our personal data anywhere, ready to be used whenever we need. One thing that always lets us down is the fact that we are not able to carry our internet browsing data that includes customized tabs, themes, bookmarks and other personalized settings. This list of potable web browsers will surely solve this problem.

Portable Mozilla Firefox

FireFox 19 Free Portable Web Browsers for Windows

What better way to start of a list of web browsers than the ever improving Mozilla Firefox. It is surely the most powerful, the most customizable and most stable internet browser at present and now you can  it is available in portable version, how awesome is that?

Download the portable version of Firefox here.

Portable Google Chrome

 19 Free Portable Web Browsers for Windows

Google Chrome has done a lot of catching up lately in the browser market and is making continuous improvements everyday. Almost 7% of internet users now use this browser and it is also my personal favorite. Its fast, its simple and it is an enormous collection of extensions to choose from.

Download portable Google Chrome here.

Portable Opera

Opera Logo 19 Free Portable Web Browsers for Windows

Opera is known for fast, secure, tabbed browsing that supports pop-blocking, integrated web search, RSS, email and an enormous collection of add-ons that improve its usefulness to a great extent.

Download portable Opera browser here.

Portable Avant Browser

 19 Free Portable Web Browsers for Windows

Avant is an ultra fast web browser with a separate private mode that does not keep browsing on your computer which means increased secure browsing. Multi-processing and anti-freezing techniques make it almost crash free which is always a plus.

Download Avant portable verison here.

Portable Opera Tor

OperaTor combines the power of Opera browser, Tor and Privoxy that allows anonymous web surfing while browsing in public places such as libraries, airports and internet cafes. It is a bit slow because of the stealth it gives and the proxy application but that’s not a big price to pay for secure browsing.

Download Potable Opera Tor here

Portable Maxthon Classic

maxthon classic version 0 19 Free Portable Web Browsers for Windows

Maxthon is a panel based internet browser which means new browser windows open in separate panels instead of new windows which makes it a fast and takes a lot less system resources. It supports skins, layouts, hokeys and is highly configurable.

Download Portable Maxthon browser here.

Portable Pale Moon

WLW PaleMoonProject AD82 palemoon firefox 3 19 Free Portable Web Browsers for Windows

Pale moon is highly optimized version of Mozilla Firefox and it is 25% faster as claimed by its makers. It is  custom built to be run on Windows operating systems. It also supports Firefox add-ons, themes and personas and it allows you to use existing Firefox profiles, bookmarks and settings with a simple migration tool.

Download portable Pale Moon here.

Off By One Web Browser

It is a small yet fast web browser with full stand alone application without any other browser. It doesnt not support Java or Flash which means no popups or spyware.

Download Off by One portable version here.

Portable SRWare Iron

iron 19 Free Portable Web Browsers for Windows

SRWare Iron is based on the Chromium technology, which is an open source project that based on Google Chrome. It sends out a lot less browsing information as compared to Chrome which makes it a lot more secure in functionality. SRWare Iron supports all Google Chrome extensions and themes.

Download portable SRWare Iron version here.

Portable Seamonkey

3150b seamonkey logo original 19 Free Portable Web Browsers for Windows

Seamokey is an all-in-one internet application suite that uses Mozilla source code under the hood. It has features such as advanced email, newsgroup, RSS feed client, IRC chat and HTML editing.

Download portable Seamonkey version here.

Portable GreenBrowser

f949816c7800t 19 Free Portable Web Browsers for Windows

GreenBRowser is a tabbed web browser based on IE. It has some nice features such as Mouse gesture, Mouse Drag, Ad filter, integrated search, special download control and supports many different skins.

Download GreenBrowser portable verion here.

Portable K-Meleon

k meleon logo proba2 19 Free Portable Web Browsers for Windows

This is not one of the well known browsers but it sure as hell is one of the most powerful web browsers based on a similar technology as being used by Mozilla forfox. It supports tabbed browsing, mouse gestures, skins and hotkeys and many other features.

Download K-Meleon portable verion here

Portable Fastest Web Browser

header 19 Free Portable Web Browsers for Windows

This is a simple, tabbed web browser developed using Internet explorer with most plugins and extras removed to give a fast experience. It is 100% clean with no spyware or adware.

Download portable Fastest Web Browser here.

Portable xB web browser

xBBrowser%2Blogo 19 Free Portable Web Browsers for Windows

xB lets you surf the internet anonymously without leaving any footprints. This is highly useful for use in public terminals since it removes all browsing history, passwords and cookies automatically.

Download portable xB version here.

Portable QtWeb browser

qt web browser 19 Free Portable Web Browsers for WindowsQtWeb is a light weight, secure with a clean user interface. This is an open source project based on Nokia’s Ot framework and Apple’s webkit rendering engine, both of which are being used in Apple Safari and Google Chrome. It has a private mode that makes sure you leave no trace behind and shares no user information with anyone.

Download QtWeb portable version here.

Portable Ghostzilla

This is a very intelligent web browser when it comes to usability. As the name suggests, the browser can really act like a ghost. It will disappear when the mouse is moved away and will come back by moving the cursor to the left edge of the screen and then to the right and then to left again. Pretty useful if you are watching something you don’t want others to see since it completely integrates the browser interface into virtually any application as well as windows explorer.

Download Ghostzilla portable version here.

Portable Crazy Browser

It is a tabbed browser that uses Internet Explorer engine. It comes with a built in pop-up blocker, multiple monitor support and many other features. The latest version is no longer portable, you can download the last portable version from the link below.

Download Crazy Browser portable version here.

Day Moon Browser

This is also based on Internet explorer technology and it has all the needed features such as history, favorites, chronology. It supports win 95/98/ME/NT/Xp and vista.

Download Day Moon portable version here.

Portable Torpark web browser

torpark 19 Free Portable Web Browsers for Windows

Torpark is based on the famous TOR project that lets you surf the web anonymously by masking your IP and data encryption thereby increasing security. It claims to be the most secure web browser to date.

Download Torpark portable version here.

Comments on this Article

  • P Smith says:

    QupZilla is another browser to add to the list.

    It’s name is a bit of a red herring – the browser uses the Qt rendering engine but does not use Mozilla. It’s small, portable and stable, and has become my secondary and portable browser now that QtWeb is a dead end. The latest version is v1.4.2, released April 22, 2013, so it’s still in development as I write (May 2013).

    As suggested above, several of these browsers are dead projects, sadly no longer in development.

    Off By One – dead in 2006

    K-Meleon – dead in 2011

    QtWeb – dead in 2012

    OB1 is still good for viewing and downloading things (no scripting that forcibly redirects you away from what you want to see). It’s especially good on sites that are full of viruses and porn spam (e.g. game cheat code sites) – if there’s no scripting for illicit code, there’s less or no risk.

    The other two I list are small and still good for viewing some sites that use Flash, Java and Javascripts, but the number of sites that reject them are growing. All three are great for running from a flash drive or as a secondary browser in the background.

    DO NOT use “Green Browser” unless want a foreign dictatorship collecting your private information. That piece of crap comes out of mainland China. Who knows what sort of code is in it, and what that murderous and thieving regime does with it (e.g. credit card fraud, identity theft, monitoring what you say, etc.) if they are collecting it (which is almost a certainty)?

    As for the others, anything “based on IE” is a waste of time. You get all the crappiness, crashing and network insecurity of Microshaft’s Infernal Exploder, plus spam and crapware from a fanboy. I’ve never seen one overlay browser that was stable or usable.

    If you’re looking for other older browsers, try the Evolt archive. Few will be of use, but it’s interesting to visit for historical purposes.

    Many browsers, even those based on well known browsers (e.g. K-Meleon uses the same Mozilla engine as Firefox) are being blocked by websites. A$$hat “web designers” are returning to the bad habits of the 1990s, deliberately making websites incompatible with any browsers except the one they want to force you to use. And we’re not talking about small companies or individuals – Microshaft has been doing this for more than a decade, and Google has been doing it for at least five years.

    For example, depending on whether I make Opera identify itself as Opera or as firefox (yes, a user can change that), I see a different version of google’s pages, despite the fact that it’s the same browser with the same rendering engine, the same flash version, the same Java and Javascript. The only thing that changes is the ID string the browser is sending to the website.

    This also happens with other browsers, not just Opera, so it’s not a whine. This past year Google was found to be targeting Infernal Exploder, giving IE users a second-class status on its pages.

    That’s not “browser incompatibility”. That’s a$$holes and fanboys deliberately targeting browsers they don’t like. That’s companies engaging in anti-competitive and anti-capitalist tactics. The whole point of “standards” is that they ARE standard, they are supposed to work the same on every browser. If people were coding for HTML, XML and Java instead of programming for their pet browser and proprietary tags, these problems wouldn’t exist.

    Ahem. Excuse the rant.

    • Ping says:

      Dude, your comment is just ridiculous. If you modify your header that the webserver will see you as a firefox client while using opera and you get different versions of a website: THIS IS GREAT! Since most of the webbrowsers use different rendering engines it is a must as a webdeveloper to tackle all their behaviours. If you request a firefox optimized code from a webserver using opera is no reason to bitch around if you see different styled content.

  • Imran says:

    Hmmm, Good Collection Of Browsers – Keep It Up Bro


  • sohelg says:

    very nice post. I want to download portable browser. Thanks.

  • Dave says:

    Just to let you know . . .THANKS for the great listing of portable browsers.

    And. . .

    1. Link to . . .Download portable xB version here. . . went to error page not found….

    2. As for KMellon, I tried a few days ago was a nightmare with to many non essential controls, and it crashed a-lot. Just full of bugs, and needs some kind of pest control, before it is placed on the net.

    Thanks again…. for what you did tho.

  • Bunnygotblog says:

    wow,I will check out the other browsers. Thanks big time.

  • I had no idea there were this many portable web browsers for windows. Thanks for the information.

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